Countdown to Fall!

Countdown to Fall!

Sherry Cook Fuddlebrook, General

Thursday, September 22, marks the end of summer and beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Fuddlebrook book, A Change of Season, Herman is perplexed about the changes taking place as he sees the transition from summer to fall. Mrs. Wigglebum steps in to teach the class about why seasons occur. Maybe we need a lesson just like …

Scientists Should Get a Gold Medal, too!

Scientists Should Get a Gold Medal, Too!

Sherry Cook General

August 2016 marks the 31st Summer Olympiad and the first set in South America. More than 10,500 athletes from 167 nations have travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 5-21 to take part in 306 events across 42 different disciplines. This year, for the first time, a team representing refugee Olympic athletes also competed. An additional 4,000 athletes from 170 …

100 Years of Genetics, Genomes, & DNA

Lauren Cook General

This month we celebrate the 100th birthday of world-renowned scientist Francis Crick. Crick was born on June 8, 1916 in Northhampton, England. As a child, he was extremely inquisitive and read any book he could get his hands on. He found books on science topics the most interesting, which led to many “kitchen-experiments” as a child. As a teenager his …

Hello World. Meet Herman Tweed!

Lauren Cook Fuddlebrook, General

Herman Tweed, the lovable classroom pet hamster at Fuddlebrook School, made an appearance this weekend at the Fuddlebrook launch party for children. Needless to say, from the children’s expressions, he was a hit! The story, Who Stole Herman Tweed, introduced the Fuddlebrook star. In this story, Herman goes missing, and the students in Mrs. Wigglebum’s class have to solve the …

Happy Birthday, Quirkles!

Sherry Cook General

In addition to celebrating the arrival of the Fuddlebrook School Science series, we’re also celebrating a milestone with our sister series, The Quirkles! This fun science series turns ten, as it premiered April 26, 2006. Now in its fourth reprint, the Quirkles has delighted young scientists in more than 60 countries and in classrooms throughout the world! Perfect for young …

Freddie’s Marshmallow Launch

Sherry Cook Experiment Tutorial

Marshmallows are for more than just dessert! Materials: • Rubber bands (7 or 8) • Wooden craft sticks — the wider ones work best (9) • Plastic spoon • Projectile objects — marshmallows or other small objects safe to sling Objective: To create a catapult and compare projectile objects Procedure: Take seven of the craft sticks and tie a rubber band tightly around each …

Fuddlebrook DNA Model

The Fuddlebrook DNA Model

Sherry Cook Experiment Tutorial

There’s no one like you! Materials • Two pieces of red licorice (Twizzler®) • Four toothpicks • Two mini pink marshmallows • Two mini yellow marshmallows • Two mini orange marshmallows • Two mini green marshmallows • Index card • Marker Objective: To demonstrate how chemical bases are paired in DNA Procedure: There are four chemical bases in DNA:  Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), and Thymine (T).  …