Teach Science Like A Rock Star

Teach Science Like A Rock Star

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

An elementary science teaching rock star? Not me! You can teach effectively, excite your students, and have fun yourself if you follow these four steps. First, tell a story the kids can relate to. Density seems abstract taken alone as a concept but floating on water, particularly salt water, is something many children have experienced. Tell a story (with conviction!) …

In Honor of our Fur Babies

In Honor of Our Fur Babies… Cat Science Facts

Lauren Cook General

You love them or you hate them. (We happen to be on the love side.) And despite holding court on social media and the internet, that furry creature, the cat, remains elusive. This month we take the attention off our lovable Fuddlebrook Herman Tweed and turn to another of our favorite mammals (read A Family Visit). In honor of our own …