Red, White & Book: The Science Behind Fireworks

Red, White & Boom: The Science Behind Fireworks

Lauren Cook Fuddlebrook, General

Perhaps this year you’ll get to once again enjoy July 4th celebrations. As you enjoy the show, think how much science is behind that spectacle. People everywhere enjoy the fantastic explosions and the brilliant light displays of fireworks, but there’s a lot happening to make that celebration entertaining. Each firework launched into the sky is a precisely formed assembly of …

Summer Time with the Quirkles & Fuddlebrook Series

Summer Time is Still Learning Time

Lauren Cook General

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean the learning should stop! The Quirkles and Fuddlebrook School Science series are great for summer programs or enrichment activities for children who want to push their reading, vocabulary and science boundaries in a way that’s so much fun they won’t even realize how much they are learning! And, because we’ve done the development for you, it’s easy for …