Call in the Quirkles Squad

Call in the Quirkles Squad: Mentoring Programs with the Quirkles

Lauren Cook General

Perhaps it’s a time to revamp and try something new. The creators of the Quirkles/Fuddlebrook Science Series have visited with many of you, and have heard your frustrations regarding staffing issues. Of course, while we can’t provide you with more staff, we can perhaps offer some techniques that would be helpful for you to use in the upcoming weeks.

Many educators are finding mentoring programs using the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook series to be most effective. Call in the Quirkles Squad! 

What is the Quirkles Squad?

Your squad can be a group of older students who serve as readers and facilitators of the Quirkles curriculum. With very little training, these mentors/students can become rock stars overnight. The reading level is relatively low and conducive for older students to provide a fun storytelling experience for the younger ones.

Mentoring Program with the Quirkles

Why the Quirkles Squad?

  • All the students are engaged in productive learning that involves reading and science; therefore, there are less discipline issues.
  • The older students grow in confidence and self-esteem while being role models for the younger students.
  • The older students develop social and emotional skills like patience and empathy as they work with their younger friends.
  • The younger kids will see positive role models and both groups will have hands-on science experiences and hopefully fall in love with the stories.
  • The teachers are free to facilitate all groups.

Is this the answer to all of your staffing issues? Of course not. But one thing is for sure, these issues are not going away anytime soon, so we must be looking for creative ways to provide the best educational opportunities for all of your students.

The Mysterious Case of the Leaning Can

Our Quirkles team would be happy to help you develop a mentoring program that can most benefit you. Also, Zoom training opportunities are offered to help guide you along the way.