Valentine's Day Candy Hearts

It’s Time for Valentines: Have Fun with Science

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

Valentine’s Day is upon us. And probably like most of us, you are ready for a little break from the hum-drums of winter. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for that, but have you ever wondered how this holiday of love came about? According to many sources, Valentine’s Day began with the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The …

The Mysterious Case of the Leaning Can

Small Changes Can Equal Big Results!

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

The holidays have come to an end and we have entered into a new decade. January is a great month to reflect on looking ahead to the future and making things better. As an educator, what is your New Year’s resolution? Or for that matter, what’s your New Decade resolution? Unfortunately, the latest PISA, the Program for International Student Assessment, …

Do You Need a Brain Break?

Do You Need a Brain Break? Restore Focus in Your Classroom

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

We’ve all experienced it. That time when you look at your students and realize they are not at all focused on what you are trying to teach them. The elbows are falling off tables and the heads bob as many are drifting off into the ever so needed nap. So what do you do? Part of a teacher’s repertoire should …

Science Cneter

Make Space for Science: Make a Science Center for your Classroom

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

It’s that time again!  Teachers are preparing for a brand new school year. Countless hours are being spent on bulletin boards, seating assignments, lesson plans and, of course, the perfect room arrangement for students to engage in multiple activities. In the elementary classroom, centers are being thoughtfully planned out, so students can explore various hands-on opportunities for learning. The most …