Schedule Your Quirkles or Fuddlebrook Training Now!

Schedule Your Quirkles or Fuddlebrook Training Now!

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

One thing that can be overwhelming to educators is to have boxes and boxes of curriculum that is being unused or that staff simply does not know how to use.  While we can’t help you with all of your unused curriculum issues, we can help you with training on the Quirkles and/or Fuddlebrook Science.

You might not be aware that we offer Zoom® training sessions that are super interactive and are guaranteed to energize and excite a staff. We practice what we preach in our trainings. We don’t just feed teachers information, we allow you to actually experience the activities that are in the books.

Zoom Teacher Training

What Does a Zoom Training Look Like?

  • Contact us and we will set up a time that works for both our schedules.
  • The trainer along with the director/teacher will establish an appropriate time frame for the training.
  • A custom- made training will be created to meet your staffing needs.
  • The trainings will be interactive and hands-on for each participant.
  • Additional curriculum extensions will be introduced to help support teachers and staff.

Trainings are a good way to excite your staff. When your staff is excited, kids are excited. Don’t let another year go by, with boxes of “stuff” sitting in a closet unused.

You can contact us at and we will get you started.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

We wish you all the best this school year!