Fuddlebrook School Science Series
A Bad Case of the Spots
A Big Gust of Wind
A Case of Attraction
A Case of Gravity
A Change of Season
A Family Visit
A Spring Thunderstorm
Bert’s Crazy Growth Concoction
Freddie Plays a Joke
Freddie’s Dance Lesson
In Search of Hidden Treasure
It’s Only Water
Liza’s Colorful Tale
Mrs. Wigglebum’s Love Potion
Snot, Sniffles, and Sneezes
The Case of the Missing Water
The Case of the Vanishing Moon
The Disappearing Snowman
The Eyes Have It
The Mysterious Creature of Duck Pond
The Mystery of the Floating Can
The Mystery Scientist
The Plant Warrior
The Sled Race
The Substitute from Jupiter
Who Stole Herman Tweed?