Thank Goodness for Persistence!

Lauren Cook Fuddlebrook, General

The great scientist/inventor Thomas Edison knew a lot about persistence and not giving up. And still today, great scientists young and old know that sometimes you have to try and try again before an experiment comes out “right.”  Did you know persistence also played a big part in getting Thanksgiving recognized as the holiday we know today? “Mary Had a …

Halloween Plus Science Equals One Fun Party

Halloween Plus Science Equal One Fun Party

Lauren Cook General

It’s time to plan the Halloween school party. Talk about a challenge! Many times, these parties can be stressful and nothing more than a chaotic afternoon with a classroom of kids pumped full of sugar. But there is good news. It doesn’t have to be this way. Halloween is a perfect time to incorporate science activities that have been put …

Countdown to Fall!

Countdown to Fall!

Sherry Cook Fuddlebrook, General

Thursday, September 22, marks the end of summer and beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Fuddlebrook book, A Change of Season, Herman is perplexed about the changes taking place as he sees the transition from summer to fall. Mrs. Wigglebum steps in to teach the class about why seasons occur. Maybe we need a lesson just like …

Happy Birthday, Quirkles!

Sherry Cook General

In addition to celebrating the arrival of the Fuddlebrook School Science series, we’re also celebrating a milestone with our sister series, The Quirkles! This fun science series turns ten, as it premiered April 26, 2006. Now in its fourth reprint, the Quirkles has delighted young scientists in more than 60 countries and in classrooms throughout the world! Perfect for young …