Top Five Summer Science Activities

Enjoy These Top Five Summer Science Activities!

Lauren Cook General

The fireworks are over and heading to the pool has lost its luster. Need to add some new activities to these dog days of summer? How about some fun science activities? While there are many we could suggest, here’s our mid-summer countdown from the Fuddlebrook and Quirkles books. Read the stories first so the experiments will seem more relevant. This way you’ll keep both those reading and science skills sharp!

Freddie's Edible Skin Model
A Bad Case of the Spots: In this Fuddlebrook story Freddie, after being out in the sun, is worried he’s got “the spots.” Read the story to learn more about these mysterious “spots” and how Bert plays a joke on Freddie. Freddie learns that with too much sun the ultraviolet waves can be damaging. Good sunscreen helps protect our skin from these harmful rays. Then make Freddie’s Skin Model, a yummy edible model that demonstrates the different layers of skin.

The Case of the Missing Water
The Case of the Missing Water:  This is a fun story in which the children of Fuddlebrook School must solve the mystery of the missing water. Is bully Bobby Bickle up to mischief or might the water cycle and evaporation be involved? See for yourself how water evaporates on hot, sunny days trying Freddie’s Missing Water Activity where you chart evaporation. Put one cup in a sunny location and one in shade. Observe and chart the results over several days.

Liza's Moving Arrows
The Eyes Have It: In this story, the children learn that Liza’s new sunglasses are for more than just a fashion statement! UV radiation is not just potentially harmful to our skin, but also to that wonderful organ, our eye, too. After the story, then check out Liza’s Moving Arrows to learn about light refraction in a very cool way!

Kitchen Chemistry Kal
Kitchen Chemistry Kal: Summer time and ice cream just go together! Switch over to our Quirkles series and learn about states of matter by making Kitchen Chemisty Kal’s Ice Cream. All it takes is whole milk, sugar, vanilla, salt, ice and some zip-type bags. Science has never tasted so good!

Mary Motion
Mary Motion: For a super fun outside activity that demonstrates centripetal force, try Mary Motion’s Spinning Bucket. Fill a plastic bucket with a handle with water three quarters full. Turn your arm, swinging the bucket in a sweeping motion. If you do this one right, you won’t take an unexpected shower. On the other hand, on these hot days, it might feel good!

So there’s our top five to beat the summer heat and end-of-summer blahs. The list could go on: Hallie Heat, Gilbert Gas, The Plant Warrior and In Search of Hidden Treasure offer great summer science too. So there’s no excuse for not having summer fun and learning a lot too!