Happy Holidays: Quirkles & Fuddlebrook Series

Two Great Holiday Gift Ideas: The Quirkles & Fuddlebrook Series

Lauren Cook General

The gift of learning lasts a long, long time. With these colorful, imaginative books and materials, children build reading readiness skills, vocabulary, and science knowledge. Both the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook Science series offer a great way to create budding young scientists through fun stories and hands-on experiments. Watch the excitement on children’s faces as the encounter science in all sorts of interesting ways. You’ll …

Get the Skinny on Skin

Get the Skinny on Skin! November is National Healthy Skin Month

Lauren Cook General

While you are sitting around the Thanksgiving table discussing the fabulous cooked turkey, delicious sweet potatoes, and indulging in your second piece of pumpkin pie, don’t forget to impress upon the crowd that November is Healthy Skin Month.  Yes, perhaps in preparation for the cold, harsh months ahead, November is officially designated as National Healthy Skin month in the United …

Quirkles/Fuddlebrook Zoom Halloween Science Extravaganza

Join Us for the Quirkles/Fuddlebrook Zoom Halloween Science Extravaganza

Lauren Cook General

Come join us for our first ever Zoom Halloween Science Workshop/Party on Thursday, October 22, at 6:00 Central Standard time. Things may look a little different these days, but Halloween fun does not have to stop! Whether you are teaching virtually or in person you won’t want to miss this Quirkles/Fuddlebrook Halloween science extravaganza that you can share with your students. …

New Supplies for a New School Year

Time to Check Your Supplies for a New School Year!

Lauren Cook General

It’s time to start thinking about the new school year. Maybe you need to replace some books or supplies that have “wandered off” over time. It’s also time to order your Quirkles or Fuddlebrook Science Journals. Students can reinforce what they’ve learned in each Quirkles or Fuddlebrook lesson through these reflective writing/drawing activities. This assessment tool will help solidify science …

Student Science Kits

Introducing New Quirkle and Fuddlebrook Student Experiment Kits! ($46.99)

Lauren Cook General

In the event of social distancing on-site or even working from home and teaching virtually, we’re offering new, flexible learning options with the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook series! Provide your students with their own “mini” experiment kits with ingredients/supplies for ten of the most child-friendly Quirkles or Fuddlebrook activities from ten different Quirkles or Fuddlebrook books. These come in a handy …

New Learning Options from the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook School Series

We’ve Added New Ways To Learn: Teaching During This “New Normal”

Lauren Cook General

We know the new school year is going to be interesting to say the least! In the event of social distancing or even working from home and Zooming, we are offering some new, flexible learning options with both the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook series. We’ve gone through our books and determined which experiments would be most suitable to go in a …

Summer Time with the Quirkles & Fuddlebrook Series

Get to Know the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook School Series

Lauren Cook General

With vaccines promised very soon, maybe some sort of normalcy is just around the corner! Let us re-introduce the Quirkles or Fuddlebrook series into your school day. It’s more important than ever!  Add a dash of fun and awesome science to your day with the Quirkles®, a 26-book alphabet series and related materials.  A great way to integrate literacy and science, the …

Grossed Out Kid

Sweat -and Other Yucky Science!

Lauren Cook General

While your summer activities may be somewhat different this year, hopefully you’re still able to get outside in the warm sun and participate in outdoor fun. In many areas, the extremely warm temperatures and higher humidity can result in a whole lot of sweating! Sweat sometimes is embarrassing and might be smelly, but very necessary! Why is this? What is …

Red, White & Book: The Science Behind Fireworks

Red, White & Boom: The Science Behind Fireworks

Lauren Cook Fuddlebrook, General

July 4th celebrations may be different this year, but will still probably include some sort of fireworks display. As you enjoy the show, think how much science is behind that spectacle. People everywhere enjoy the fantastic explosions and the brilliant light displays of fireworks, but there’s a lot happening to make that celebration entertaining. Each firework launched into the sky …