A Family Visit

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree!

Lauren Cook General

This September 12th is Grandparents’ Day, and what better way to get students ready for this special occasion than a lesson from their favorite gang at Fuddlebrook!

Grandparents Day, September 12

A grandparent is a little bit parent, teacher, and best friend, so who better to learn with than grandparents? A Family Visit: A Story About Similarities and Differences Between Parents and Offspring is a great way to have students understand how they are connected to their grandparents through DNA. The story explains to students how genes are passed down from parent to their offspring. Students will understand why they might have their mother’s nose but their father’s eyes; this is called heredity.

Genes are what make everyone unique. DNA can be described as a recipe that takes ingredients from both parents and creates a whole new unique individual. The story also describes the difference between mammals and reptiles and teaches students the difference between warm and cold-blooded animals. 

Fuddlebrook DNA Model

On their visit, you could have grandparents help students with The Fuddlebrook DNA Model while both students and grandparents learn how chemical bases are paired in DNA. Or have students learn about adaptation to habitats with Herman’s Jelly Bean Hunt. You could make it into a fun game with students and grandparents competing to see who will find more of the sweet treats! 

So mark September 12 on your calendar as a day to honor those special people in our lives we call grandparents.