Herman’s Jelly Bean Hunt
Herman’s Jelly Bean Hunt


Here’s a fun way to learn how animals adapt to their environments.


To demonstrate how some animals can use camouflage to adapt to its environment


  • Jelly beans (15 red /15 green)
  • Green Easter grass or a grassy outside area
  • Plastic bowl
  • Timer or clock with second hand


Spread the grass onto a flat surface (or grassy area) until it is completely covered. Hide the jellybeans in the grass. Set the timer for 15 seconds. In small groups of two or three, have the children find the jellybeans and place them in the bowl. Count how many jellybeans are in the bowl. Try again and see if the results are the same.


In most cases, there will be more red jellybeans in the bowl. The green jellybeans were camouflaged in the grass. Most animals have some form of adaptation to enable them to survive. Camouflage is one example of an adaptation an animal may use for survival. Camouflage allows an animal to blend in with certain aspects of the environment. It makes it easier for animals to hide from its predators and reproduce to carry on the species.