Here's to Some Sweet Science
October 2, 2023

This is the month of trick or treat candy. We’ve got an idea. Use some of that candy for science activities rather than eating all those Halloween goodies! Our Fuddlebrook Candy Sink or Float activity reinforces the concepts of density as well as primary and secondary colors. It’s fun and much better for your teeth and waistline too!

Watch our video to learn more. In it we’ll introduce you to Chloe who shows you how Skittles® can provide a very cool way to demonstrate density. This simple activity is in our Fuddlebrook book, The Mystery of the Floating Can.

Make the fall a time a time to combine storytelling with science activities using common items (like candy) to make it applicable to everyday life. It’s not difficult to make a memorable science teaching moment. Chloe will show you how.