The Fuddlebrook Candy Sink or Float Activity
The Fuddlebrook Candy Sink or Float Activity


Science can be sweet and colorful!


To learn about density using Skittles® candies and to learn about primary and secondary colors


  • Disposable or glass bowl (large enough to place the candies inside without touching)
  • Skittles® candy (red, blue, and yellow)
  • Warm water


Pour warm water into the bowl until it is approximately half full. Place Skittles® in the bowl of water at the edges of the bowl with the side that has the letter S facing up. Make sure the Skittles® do not touch or the table does not shake.


Density is the relationship between an object's mass and its volume. The candy pieces will sink because their mass is heavier than the amount of water displaced. The letter S will lift off the candy and will float to the top because its mass is lighter than the water it displaces. The primary colors will blend and create secondary colors.