You Gotta Love Moody March
March 1, 2024

There’s just something about the month of March. Maddening, temperamental, teasing March. The flowers and trees are beginning to put on a colorful show, the days are warmer and longer, and the Earth seems to want to burst with new life. Read the Fuddlebrook story A Change of Season to learn why we have the different seasons (at least in our part of the world).

March can be fickle, though. It can be warm one day and cold the next. We can see thunderstorms and highs approaching 80 one day and the next day we have snow showers—maybe even a blizzard! So no doubt March is moody. However, the most noticeable and consistent weather factor in March seems to be the strong winds. Every other day it seems the weather forecasters are calling for a “breezy/gusty/windy” day. Why does March seem so windy compared to other months out of the year?

It’s all about the transition. We are heading out of the cold short days of winter into the longer and much warmer days of spring and summer. Cold air is situated north while warm air is trying to approach from the south.  While the wind can be irritating sometimes, read A Big Gust of Wind to learn about how important wind can be too.

Finally we’d be remiss not to talk about the colors of spring. Liza’s Colorful Tale teaches us about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The activity Liza’s Rainbow is fun for St. Patrick’s Day. A sunny day will supply the “rainbow,” now what about the leprechaun’s pot of gold? But that’s not the only fun Fuddlebrook color activity. Our experiment and video features Herman’s Colorful Magnetic Artwork from A Case of Attraction. Watch as the kiddos have a blast creating their own artistic masterpiece with a little help from magnets too.

Let’s face it. March is just chock full of “teachable moment” fun days (Dr. Seuss’s birthday, St.Patrick’s Day, first day of Spring, and Pi Day just to name a few.) So grab your Fuddlebrook books and celebrate this crazy transition month with great stories and fun science activities.