Herman’s Colorful Magnetic Artwork
Herman’s Colorful Magnetic Artwork


Art combined with science can be a “moving” experience!


To demonstrate magnetism and color mixing


  • White Paper
  • Aluminum cookie sheet or foil pan
  • Tape
  •  Three magnetic marble
  • Red, blue, and yellow tempera paint
  • Three plastic bowls
  • Three plastic spoons
  • Magnet
  • Four blocks of wood (or something to elevate the cookie sheet)


Elevate the cookie sheet/foil pan by placing the four corners on the blocks of wood.  The middle of the cookie sheet will be suspended in the air. Tape the paper to the top of the cookie sheet. Pour the paint into the bowls. Using the plastic spoons, dip the magnetic marbles into the paint and place them on the paper taped to the cookie sheet. Hold the magnetic wand under the cookie sheet and use it to move the marbles on the paper.


The magnetic marbles will move around on the cookie sheet. The paints will mix and the colors purple, green, and orange (secondary) colors will be created. Magnets create a magnetic field with both a north and south pole. Like poles repel and opposite poles attract. The magnetic field causes the marbles to move even when they are not being directly touched by the other magnet. The magnetic field gets stronger as the magnets get closer to one another.