Liza’s Leaf Rubbings
Liza’s Leaf Rubbings


This will “leaf” you happy!



To identify the different parts of a leaf and to create leaf rubbings artwork



  • Leaves from different trees (as many variations as possible)
  • Pieces of white copy paper
  • Crayons



Collect leaves from different trees and bushes.  Autumn is a great time to do this. Place the leaf (leaves) on one of the pieces of white paper with the vein side facing up. Cover the leaf with the second piece of paper. Use the crayon to rub firmly across the white paper and over the leaf.



Colored rubbings of the leaf will become visible on the top white paper. The stalk (petiole) of a leaf contains long tubular structures that are called veins. The veins branch out in different directions on the large part of the leaf (blade). If a leaf has a single blade it is called a simple leaf. If the blade is divided into two or more separate parts, the leaf is a compound leaf. A leaflet is the separate leaf parts of a compound leaf. The pattern of the veins in the blade is called the venation of the leaf.