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Offline Ordering

Having trouble ordering? Contact us at info@fuddlebrook.com with any ordering questions.

SHIPPING and HANDLING charges on all continental U.S. orders are 10% of the order price (15% of order for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). For orders outside the continental U.S., please contact us by phone or email below.

PURCHASE ORDERS - fax the order form and PO form to 800-866-1360. If there are questions, please use the same number to phone, or email at info@fuddlebrook.com. Missouri schools should also fax a sales tax exemption form as well.

MISSOURI TAX EXEMPT ORDERS-Do not order online. Call or fax your order in order to not be charged sales tax.

Prefer to order by mail, phone, or fax? Click here.

phone: 417-882-2145 or 1-800-866-1360
fax: 417-882-2145 or 1-800-866-1360
email: info@fuddlebrook.com