Student Mentors

I loved this story (Who Stole Herman Tweed). I think the kids will love solving this mystery. I really enjoyed how the kids found evidence, and found a suspect.

Carlos (High School Mentor)

The science concept was easily identified in the storyline.

Brenda (High School Mentor)

The vocabulary and experiments are both great for kids!

Darius (High School Mentor)


This new series marvelously succeeds in introducing young students to inquiry-based, experiential learning of scientific concepts that are age-appropriate. Moreover, students have the opportunity to explore story-based scientific concepts further through hands-on investigations.

Teresa, Biology Ph.D; former elementary teacher, Springfield, MO

The thing I love most about the Fuddlebrook series is the connection aspect. Not only have the creators connected literacy and science, they have also provided opportunity for exploration of all areas of life. The dispositions and traits of the characters are consistent throughout the books and lead to discussions about friendship, bullying, loyalty, honesty, and humility. Fuddlebrook is "teaching the whole child by connecting to life."

Carolyn, First Grade Teacher, Ozark, MO

Thanks for all you do for the love of science!  You make teaching fun and easy!

Yolanda, Gifted Teacher, Mayflower, AR

What a perfect progression from Quirkles! These books (Fuddlebrook) are a little more advanced and give more interesting information in such a fun way.  You are so correct in your video about kids LOVING science. Best of all is the ease in creating the experiments, they are very kid friendly. 

I appreciate your team!

Starla, Gifted Teacher, Conway, AR


I know the kids will love these books because they love the Quirkles set!

Stephanie, Librarian, Fowler, CO

All of the books in this set will be great additions to any school library or home collection! Children will enjoy them  as they follow along with  the students at Fuddlebrook School solving various mysteries. Mrs. Wigglebum, the teacher, guides her class as they figure out different science concepts when the students question "Why...?" 

The two experiments at the end of each book help children understand and remember the science concepts. As a librarian, I know that children do judge a book by its cover! The brightly colored covers, the winsome titles of the books, and the animated artwork will capture the children's interest! Also, teachers will find them to be fun books to read to the class and will discover an interesting way to teach science concepts!

Jane, School Librarian, Springfield, MO


My kids LOVED the Quirkles and I think these will not disappoint either. Looking forward to more fun science with the new Fuddlebrook series!

Carly, Mom, Dallas, TX