Storytelling & Science: A Great Combination
September 2, 2022

It’s back to school and we want to start out on the right foot. We know science is important and we want our kids to like science. But how? Even when it’s a tried and true activity that uses the most basic of ingredients, it can still be fun and memorable. Children will see the lesson in an entirely new way when they can relate it to their own lives. And what better way to help them relate than through a fun story that resonates?

Take vinegar and baking soda. You know when the two are mixed you’re going to get a chemical reaction. Who hasn’t constructed a volcano with these two ingredients? But here’s a way to breathe new life into that activity that’s guaranteed to create lots of fun giggles, better comprehension, and memories, too. (We throw in food coloring and dishwashing liquid for a little more pizzazz as well.) Let us introduce you to Mrs. Wigglebum’s Love Potion from the Fuddlebrook School Science series. Read the story and do your own version of Mrs. Wigglebum’s “trick” on Freddie. Who in the classroom (or home) is in love? Then read together the story to reinforce the science. But don’t take our word for it. Watch the kids we worked with to see their reactions on this month’s video. 

Yes there’s nothing quite like a good story to make science come alive. The Fuddlebrook® series (as well as our sister series, The Quirkles®) each offer 26 such stories and related activities. That’s 52 fun ways to make a science memory!