It's All in the Family!
November 4, 2018

You know it's bound to happen! As we gather together with our families over the Thanksgiving holiday, the inevitable comparison of offspring, or how little Johnny looks just like his father, or little Susie doesn't look (or act) anything like either of her parents occurs. How can family members look or act so alike, sometimes over generations, or not be similar, even though they are from the same gene pool.

This month's Fuddlebrook Story, A Family Visit, addresses this in a fun, inviting way that helps children understand why we are alike and different from members of our own families. They also learn that animals, as well as children, change as they grow and mature.  Bert is relieved! He certainly is glad he doesn't still look like his baby pictures!

After reading the story together create a model of DNA, the very building blocks of life.

Need more inspiration? Review our blog as we demonstrate how to make the DNA model, primarily using Twizzler's and colored marshmallows (the ones left over from the Thanksgiving yams). What a sweet way to learn science. Then watch our video of Thanksgiving fun facts! Finally, have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, family, and friends.