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Enjoy the Fuddlebrook School Science Series! There's always a cool science adventure going on in Mrs. Wigglebum's class at Fuddlebrook School. Join Herman Tweed, the class pet hamster, Liza, Freddie, Bert and the whole gang as they learn how much fun science can be. Through stories and inquiry-based, hands-on activities, science comes alive! Designed for shared reading/activities for children as young as kindergarten, the Fuddlebrook gang will also engage children through upper elementary. Read the stories. Do the experiments. You’ll know children are learning advanced concepts; they will just know they are having fun!

The Quirkles

In a galaxy far, far away named Quirk, there lived the Quirkles. The Quirkles were unique little scientists who had vivid imaginations and loved to experiment. Thus begins the story of the Quirkles and their friends. Read all 26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet, that integrate storytelling, phonemic illiteration, whimsical illustration, and hands-on activities. 

About Us
Our Mission

Here you have it—the creators of the Fuddlebrook School Science Series™ and The Quirkles®.  You were expecting some big corporate conglomerate perhaps? Even though we do have some loyal assistants who help us keep reign over all things Fuddlebrook and Quirkles, you’re more than likely to talk to one of us directly if you call on the phone to place an order or attend a conference. So if you have a question or comment, call, or email us!

The truth is, we didn’t set out to get into the book publishing business when we first developed the Quirkles® and now the Fuddlebrook™ series. We were trying to find products to meet our own needs that integrated science and literacy for young learners.We didn’t want the “typical” science text or something so watered down it would bore today’s child silly. When we couldn’t find it; we created it! With Terri’s elementary education/literacy background, Sherry’s work in business and product development, and Brittany and Jesse's talents as illustrators, a team was formed!

Our Mission At Creative3, LLC
We vow to provide the best quality, most enriching educational materials that we possibly can. We want to stretch the child's intellect and imagination in a fun, innovative, and creative way.

Our Vision

We will honor the dignity and intellectual potential of children.

We will treat our customers, suppliers, and each other as we would want to be treated.

We’ll honor our commitments and do what we promise.

We will strive to continually push the envelope to come up with new and creative ways to make learning fun for children, parents, and educators.

We will be good citizens of our communities—giving back whenever we can in the various ways that we can.