Happy Birthday, Quirkles!

Sherry Cook General

In addition to celebrating the arrival of the Fuddlebrook School Science series, we’re also celebrating a milestone with our sister series, The Quirkles! This fun science series turns ten, as it premiered April 26, 2006. Now in its fourth reprint, the Quirkles has delighted young scientists in more than 60 countries and in classrooms throughout the world! Perfect for young students, it reinforces phonemic letter sounds while teaching robust science concepts, too.  So many teachers told us the Quirkles made science so much fun, students wanted to know what was next. That’s where the Fuddlebrook gang comes in.  It’s another way to continue science adventures through fun stories and new hands-on activities.

So here’s to Ellie Electricity, Gilbert Gas, Zany Science Zeke and all the 26 Quirkles characters.  May you educate and entertain young scientists for another ten years!