Get the Skinny on Skin

Get the Skinny on Skin! November is National Healthy Skin Month

Lauren Cook General

While you are sitting around the Thanksgiving table discussing the fabulous cooked turkey, delicious sweet potatoes, and indulging in your second piece of pumpkin pie, don’t forget to impress upon the crowd that November is Healthy Skin Month.  Yes, perhaps in preparation for the cold, harsh months ahead, November is officially designated as National Healthy Skin month in the United …

It's a "Boo"tiful October: Fun Halloween Science Ideas

It’s “Boo”tiful October: Fun Science Ideas for Your Classroom

Lauren Cook General

It’s October and you know what that means? Once again, it’s time for fall festivals, hayrides, pumpkin picking, and Halloween! Regardless if you are a fan of Halloween or not, it’s a wonderful time to integrate history, math, science, and writing in to the class curriculum. Here’s some fun Halloween facts: Halloween is big business! Approximately eight billion dollars will …

Hats off to You

Hats Off to You! It’s Time for Fall Hat Month

Lauren Cook General

While you might think of September as the month to learn about apples and Johnny Appleseed, changes in seasons and weather patterns, or to celebrate Tomie dePaola, the famous author, it’s also a great month to discover some fun and important facts about hats. After all, Fall Hat Month is an annual designation observed in September. Why Fall Hat Month? …

Jeepers, It's Time to Check Those Peepers

Jeepers, It’s Time to Check Those Peepers

Lauren Cook General

It’s that time of year where many are preparing for the upcoming months ahead… school time! Clothes have been purchased, locker assignments made, and teachers announced… but have you had your peepers checked? Did you know August is National Eye Exam month? It was founded in 1889 by Sears Optical and since then, most ophthalmologists promote eye safety throughout the …

Red, White & Book: The Science Behind Fireworks

Red, White & Boom: The Science Behind Fireworks

Lauren Cook Fuddlebrook, General

As you enjoy a beautiful July 4th fireworks display, think how much science is behind that spectacle. People everywhere enjoy the fantastic explosions and the brilliant light displays of fireworks, but there’s a lot happening to make that celebration entertaining. Each firework launched into the sky is a precisely formed assembly of chemicals and fuel, carefully calibrated to produce a …

Splish, Splash…Let’s Have a Water Bash: Five Activities for Outside Water Fun!

Sherry Cook General

Summer is finally here! Whether the children are in summer school or staying home, it’s the perfect time to entertain with some H2O.  Kids won’t mind leaving the television or other electronic devices behind when water play becomes an option! Five Fun Activities for Water Fun: Homemade Water Slide Supplies: Heavy plastic or camping tarp Garden hose (the hose needs …

Try, Try, and Try Again: Developing Perseverance in our Students

Lauren Cook General

We have a standard for reading, math, and writing. What about a standard for perseverance? How do we measure that? Or is it even taught in most classrooms? With all the emphasis on standardized tests and teaching the standards, are we perhaps forgetting the most important quality students need to develop? Did you know… Walt Disney was fired from the …