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Make Space for Science: Make a Science Center for your Classroom

Lauren Cook Teaching Tips

It’s that time again!  Teachers are preparing for a brand new school year. Countless hours are being spent on bulletin boards, seating assignments, lesson plans and, of course, the perfect room arrangement for students to engage in multiple activities. In the elementary classroom, centers are being thoughtfully planned out, so students can explore various hands-on opportunities for learning. The most …

Red, White & Book: The Science Behind Fireworks

Red, White & Boom: The Science Behind Fireworks

Lauren Cook Fuddlebrook, General

As you enjoy a beautiful July 4th fireworks display, think how much science is behind that spectacle. People everywhere enjoy the fantastic explosions and the brilliant light displays of fireworks, but there’s a lot happening to make that celebration entertaining. Each firework launched into the sky is a precisely formed assembly of chemicals and fuel, carefully calibrated to produce a …

Summer Time's Still Learning Time!

Summer Time’s Still Learning Time!

Lauren Cook General

Summer Time’s Still Learning Time! Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean the learning should stop! The Quirkles and Fuddlebrook School Science series are great for summer programs or enrichment activities for children who want to push their reading, vocabulary and science boundaries in a way that’s so much fun they won’t even realize how much they are learning! And, because we’ve done the development …

Have a Salad Summer

Have a Salad Summer!

Lauren Cook General

Isn’t May a wonderful time of year? With all the holidays in May, one might forget it’s also National Salad Month. There is nothing better than a crisp, fresh garden salad in the spring and summer.  There are many interesting and fun salad facts! Did you Know? Salad comes from the Latin word “herba salta” because the greens were seasoned …

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Lauren Cook General

“Let’s Go Fly a Kite”  is one of the most popular songs in the movie Mary Poppins. Spring is a great time to do this! There’s not a better way to wrap up the school year than learning about the history of kites and the science behind kite flying.  Early Kite Adventures The exact origin of kites is not known, …

Tips to Maintain an Optimistic Classroom: March is Optimism Month

Tips to Maintain an Optimistic Classroom: March is Optimism Month

Lauren Cook General

It would be fair to say most of us are happy to see that March has finally arrived. After all, March is a month that celebrates Dr. Seuss day, St. Patrick’s Day, National Women’s Day, and of course, the long awaited spring finally has been ushered in! But did you know March is Optimism Month? Optimism is the tendency to …

Summer Time with the Quirkles & Fuddlebrook Series

Have a Quirkles® (or Fuddlebrook) Summer!

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It may just be early spring, but now’s the time to be thinking about summer. Looking for ideas to spice up your summer programming? The Quirkles® have you covered. Here’s why. Easy to use – You don’t want to spend your summer planning detailed lesson plans? No problem: the Quirkles® have done it for you. All your science and literacy …

Let's Go Round and Round: Celebrating the Ferris Wheel

Let’s Go Round and Round – Celebrating the Ferris Wheel

Lauren Cook General

If you thought February 14 was just a day with candy hearts, chocolate kisses, rose petals, and sweet card sentiments, you were wrong. February 14 is also Ferris Wheel Day. It celebrates the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. He was an American civil engineer who made the first Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is sometimes called the Chicago …

Winter Blues... Not Happening! Creative Classroom Activities for Winter

Winter Blues…Not Happening! Creative Classroom Activities for Winter

Lauren Cook General

The Christmas decorations are put away and celebrating the arrival of 2019 is old news. What’s a teacher to do? The winter doldrums have truly set in. This is the time of year that separates the good educators from the great ones. Creative and effective teaching strategies are needed to engage students and keep the winter blues from attacking. While …